Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is a natural stone pebble, of about 3,5 cm height.
The most amazing thing is the bending of the head the swaddling band and the color.

As it seems, it has some forms on it. Analytically, more than 10 combined forms, creating a whole image, looking like Mother Mary.

I say that, because of what other people admit, since they've seen it.
I can hardly count, the number of people they have seen that and not even one disagreed, that it represents what I previously have told them. From a little child to the oldest women, the conclusion was one. It is Virgin Mary!
I have searched the case of simulacra, the possibility of coincidences and I didn't resume. More than one coincidence, is not luck to me and I believe to all of you.

As you see in the picture, there are these elements on the pebble:

1) The formed face
2) The halo
3) The letter symbols
4) The shoulders
5) The decollete
6) The neck
7) The swaddling band
8) The perfect oval elliptical shape enclosing the whole image

And after all, the devoutly bending of the head to the right and the ochre color of it ( beloved color in Christian art ).
These all, are perfectly combined, in order to give, a perfect image of Madonna.

What is it?
Sign of the times, apocalyptic one, miracle, metaphysic, unexplained, or simple, more than 10, coincidences? Every case, can be explained to anyone's thought. The answer is left to anyone.